TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Other

In The Woods of My Mind

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other, 2nd Place winner in Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Alessandro Accordini
  • Technical Info
    Iso From 1000 To 6400 1 Sec To 1/15. Free Hand F5.6. Fuji Xt4 16/55 F2.8, 10/24 F4
  • Photo Date
    Sept 2022

Fresh deep green forest. The light is mild, very delicate, the sky seems infinitely distant; the freshness of the air is delicious; at the bottom of the ravine the torrent sings; under the ferns the stream sings ... One always ascends, amidst the silence, among the dense bush, by a wide path ... The human voices are silent ... There is only this immense, boundless forest: only this tall vegetation exists. We are hundreds of miles away from the town: perhaps the world has died behind us. Excerpt from Matilde Serao, Corriere della Sera. 1886

I'm a photographer since 2013, but I have been taking photography seriously from three years, and have only started publishing my works in the last few months. I am investing a lot of energy, with satisfaction. I studied ancient greek, latin, philosophy and history at high school (specializing in classical studies), then archaeology at the university. By night i frequented drawing classes in school of arts for many years. Now photography has become a work for me. I use analogic, reflex and mirrorless cameras. Every time i use them i push a button. Yashica FX3 1984 analogic FUJIFILM XT4