TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Nivedita Dutta
  • Technical Info
    In Camera Double Exposure In Some, Camera Fuji Xe3, Lens - 23mm,f/2, Flash
  • Photo Date

How does it feel to perceive an eerie feeling of void amidst everything? A state of nothingness within an obscure mind that makes you restless yet placid, perplexed yet alert, demented yet ever hopeful. All this mixed together wakes the arcane pineal instincts and eventually embarks you on a journey that the conscious overlooks, almost every time. This is a tiny effort to present a pictorial representation of this long-awaited newfound path, a path through the mysterious 4th dimension. Could faintly hear a whisper - " You did not see different things, you just saw them differently."

Years ago, the quench to learn, explore, perceive and appreciate life envisioned upon me to take up the peerless art of photography. Embarking on this craft, I acquired proficiency with various advanced gadgets and related software. As my unending thirst catapulted me and assign a feather on my lens with the completion of EFIP and AFIAP, a keen interest for both custom and creative shades, projected me at events & wedding photography with an association at my own company. Coupled with a zest for life and with the camera as my better half, I am now predominantly engaged in Street Photography.