TIFA 2022 Advertising / Product

The Rum Martinez

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Product
  • Photographer
    Jeroen Nieuwhuis
  • Photo Date

When you talk about high-end cocktails, the Rum Martinez is one of a kind. It’s a cocktail that you will only find in high-end bars and hotels, partially because of the 17 steps it takes to create it. It’s a rum martini with vermouth, maraschino, bitters, and oak smoke. The smoke infuses into the drink, which is aerated before pouring. This photography series is inspired by the Rum Martinez made by Japanese bartender Takumi Watanabe and executed in perfection by actress Victoria Koblenko.

Jeroen Nieuwhuis is a commercial portrait photographer based in the Netherlands. Shooting professionally since the age of 17 (now 31) he continuously works for clients all across the globe and has worked with some of the largest advertising companies such as Belstaff, Harman Kardon, Heineken, JBL, Johnnie Walker, Shimano, and many more. Top-tier brands in the photography industry such as Broncolor (flash equipment) and Phase One (camera brand) widely promoted his imagery and way of working on their websites and social media. Broncolor even took it a step further and made him an ambassador.