TIFA 2022 Events / Other

A-Round Stage

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Other, 2nd Place winner in Events
  • Photographer
    Fiorella Baldisserri
  • Technical Info
    Sony Alfa 7 Iii / Leica Q
  • Photo Date

The shadow of the show. Poking around the circus, the show, can be an infinite journey as the points that make up a circumference are infinite. Around the wings there is a an alternation of sets. A dynamic balance, very tidy and chaotic at the same time, punctuated by blades of light and shadow, which serves the show by creating its own private alter ego.dream and reality, a dualism that chasing each other. Circo Paniko is one of the first and most numerous Contemporary Circus companies born in Italy in 2009. About thirty free artists and thinkerst.

Fiorella Baldisserri, classical studies and an interest in art in all its forms, is a photographer from Bologna who loves traveling both by profession and by passion. The professional approach to photography took place in 2016 by attending several courses She then attended to the Photojournalism Masterclass in Rome Currently Fiorella has seen some shots published by newspapers both in print and online. Photovogue, Corriere, Elle, Erodoto108, SDN, ND, MCmagazine, Witness Journal, Eye of Photography. Her projects have been displayed at the Olbia, Rome, Bologna, Lodi Sofia,Barcelona.