TIFA 2022 People / Self-Portrait


  • Prize
    Gold in People/Self-Portrait, 2nd Place winner in People
  • Photographer
    Atoosa Alebouyeh
  • Photo Date

I believe that the human mind is a private space, where no one is allowed to enter; this is precisely where the differences between humans stem from. My mind has got various layers of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which I am afraid to express, therefore, I resort to silence! A place for my “self.” This is so close that I sometimes miss the boundary between my mental world and reality, I miss the boundary between my world and that of others.

Atoosa Alebouyeh (b. 1993, Tehran) is a photographer and fine art printing expert. she has received her BFA in Photography from the Islamic Azad University central branch of Art and Architecture and her Photoshop certificate from the Tehran University of Art. She started her art career in 2012, participating in several group and solo exhibitions. She has been working in the Tehran Image Works since 2016. Atoosa lives and works in Tehran.