TIFA 2022 Book / Fine Art

Today Is My New Favourite Day

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jennifer Drabbe
  • Agency / Studio
    Jennifer Drabbe &photography
  • Technical Info
    A Flatbook Of 240x327 Mm. Two Black And White Booklets Attached 150x240mm. In A Sleeve.
  • Photo Date

The project celebrates the creativity, purity and freshness of youth. Not having grown up in the safety of a family home, I have developed a heightened fascination for all that is individual, intimate and natural within the security of this setting. I admire the purity of my children and love that they are able to drop all sense of what is considered right or wrong, acceptable or not. Allowing for unlimited fantasy and freshness in which I find true inspiration, much humour and partners in crime. What started as an observation became a collaboration. The images are drawn from day to day life.