TIFA 2022 Editorial / Environmental

A Border Without A Wall

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Desmond Kavanagh
  • Technical Info
    Fuji X100v
  • Photo Date
    25th April - 10th May 2022

As the Nile approaches the sea it unravels gently and traces the boundaries of a vast, green plain in an endless desert. Flat as the sea it touches, and home to millions of farmers and fisherman, this country has a natural border that may invade with unrelenting force within our lives. This project focuses on a part of the world facing the existential threat of rising sea levels. Instead of the more familiar harrowing, journalistic imagery, I use wide and cinematic imagery of the quiet and ordinary beauty of the region in order to create a more vivid and impactful sense of place and life.