TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Personal


  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal
  • Photographer
    Nana Hank
  • Technical Info
    21:9 Film Frame
  • Photo Date

This series is my hommage and declaration of love to cinematic art. "Lichtspielhaus" is the old german word for "movie theater". Every single work is designed to represent a frame from a fictional movie. With the help of the imagery, feelings and associations are transported that reach the viewer with a specific intention. Personally, I have always been fascinated by the combination of surreal and poetic moments in film which I wanted to express with this collection. These photographs were taken in Iceland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany over a period of four years.

I’m a fine art photographer based in Germany. My ways of storytelling and imagery move between surreal and mystical worlds unfurling in cinematic and dystopic themes. My imagery is often inspired by philosophical and psychological topics. A protagonist is the focus in most of my works, embodying the connection between the soul (inner world) and the outer world in a metaphorical and otherwordly sense. Light plays an important role in my imagery. Sometimes I use it very subtly inspired by the old masters or I use dramatic cinematic light. I prefer to work with available light.