TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Abstract


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Paola Iacopetti
  • Agency / Studio
    Paola Iacopetti Ph
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D750 Fx, Micronikkor 60 Mm F/2.8
  • Photo Date
    15th May 2021

EOS Sonic petals of air genesis dissolution a single instant Myth. A sound bursts forth from the mouth of a dead god. An act of creation, beyond emptiness and night. Light. Illusory matter, a veil laid out over essence. Electromagnetism and science. Wailing cells. Relationship. Aggregation, fragmentation. Eos. Pink silence ripples. Dancing shapes; petals of the slender matter somewhere between dreaming and awakening. Between sound and light, all that exists.

Paola Iacopetti, born 1966, PhD in Biology, is pursuing her passion for photography since 2015. Since 2017 she has held a number of solo exhibitions and taken part in several collective ones in Pisa, Lucca and Pietrasanta. She collaborates with other artists both as photographer and curator. Paola Iacopetti's photography progressively moved to abstraction over time, as she aims to investigate her spiritual and emotional connection with other living beings, beyond their surface. She photographs Soul Garden.