TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Still Life

Macro Metal Flowers

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Scott Severson
  • Technical Info
    I Use A Canon 50 Mp Dslr And Canon 5x Macro Lens. Each Image Requires Anywhere From 40-80 Exposures
  • Photo Date

The subjects of this series are miniature lead toys manufactured in the 1930s. The blooms of the flowers are approximately 1/8” in diameter. Although made from a limited set of molds, the effects of aging had given each individual flower a unique appearance. The varying stages of decay of these hand painted forms—discolored, chipped, speckled, cracking—spoke to me of both the human and environmental effects of time and misuse, while evoking a stoic beauty in the face of decline.