TIFA 2022 Nature / Seasons


  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Seasons
  • Photographer
    Judith Kuhn
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 5d Mark Iv, Canon Ef16-35mm F/4l Is Usm, F/5.6, 16mm, 10 Sec, Iso 100
  • Photo Date

It had snowed during the night - not too much, just a few inches, but it was enough to completely change the landscape. Under no circumstances did I want to miss the opportunity to photograph the Vestrahorn in its fresh white dress. Unfortunately, a storm had set in and there was a blizzard warning for southeast Iceland. The drive to Vestrahorn was already an adventure - I had to stop several times and wait until you could see the course of the road again. At the place itself it was difficult to set up the tripod without it being blown over.

Hello, I'm Judith... I would like to call myself an “ambitious amateur photographer”. My main focus is nature and landscape photography, but I also like to make detours to other genres. Everything I know about photography is self-educated. A few books here, some internet research there, inspiration from the works of other photographers and a lot, really a lot of trying things out has brought me to where I am today. My great happiness is my home on beautiful Lake Constance, where I have a lot of photo spots right on my doorstep and the way to the Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps is not too far.