TIFA 2022 Book / People


  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Susan Leurs
  • Technical Info
    Hasselblad 150 Mm, Ilford Fp4 125
  • Photo Date
    2016 - 2022

The series 'Bullying' was started after a young boy committed suicide because of bullying. As a photographer and a pedagogue I thought I should make a statement. I started the series in 2016 and in 2018 I made 100 analog portraits of people that were bullied but also bullies. I wanted to show the public that there is a lot of hurt and low selfesteem. I also wanted to show the strength of these people. From the first 100 portraits I have made a book.

Susan Leurs (1966, Heerlen, the Netherlands). Autonome photographer, works in series that tell stories abut people who can't tell their story. The biggest series is about bullying and has now over 200 contestents.