TIFA 2021 Book / Nature

Torres Del Paine

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Nature
  • Photographer
    Francisco Espíldora
  • Agency / Studio
    Karkai Ed. / Self-published
  • Technical Info
    Size 29 X 24 Cm; Hard Cover; Olin Rough 150 Gsm Paper, Uncoated Specialty Paper; 140 Pages.paper.
  • Photo Date
    Published in November 2019

"Torres del Paine" is the result of a multi-year project(self-managed)the area to get involved with the fauna and nature of the place, in different seasons and especially in winter, a season of the year very little known and photographed. Many animals migrate, but some decide to stay; it is these survival situations that Francisco subtly portrays for us. A sincere and amazing journey with wildlife in the silent white winter months. All the photographs have been taken inside the Torres del Paine National Park, without special permits, complying with the regulations and on authorized trails.