TIFA 2021 People / Life Style

The Walking People

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Raffaele Tuzio
  • Photo Date

“I want the world to know that my country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism” Abebe Bikila after his Rome Olympic marathon victory …both in the slums or in the “Merkato” of Addis Ababa in search of small businesses, or on the rural roads of the Amhara region in search of water, or in the biblical scenarios of pilgrimages to Lalibela in search of God, the Ethiopian people are forced to walk in order to live. This project aims to describe this wandering destiny, the daily efforts and the spirit that animates this population, taken in the streets of the country

Raffaele Tuzio is a photographer based in Rome. He started his activity in 1985 as documentary and street photographer. In 1990 he went to Rome where began his relationship with travel photography. During this period he travelled all over the world, especially in India and China, producing images for tour operator, and working as freelance for national magazines, also as editorialist. In 1998 he began a collaboration with "sentieri di nuove esperienze", a tour operator specialized in cultural tourism. He directed a project to increase the company image and communication. In 2009 he decided to