TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Moving Images


We all have the power of imagination and creativity. Creativity is the ability to "recombine" and make "new connections". This process of "recombination" is necessary in thinking, starting with photography. The cosmos flower has a "story full of hope". The beauty of the flower, the vitality of the stem, the strength of the cosmos flower, it is more than just a pretty face. It is in the way it rises up again and again, even after being hit by typhoons, to face the light.

Major Exhibitions and Fairs Solo Exhibition 2011. OPERA.EMON PHOTO GALLERY.Tokyo. 2014. Light.EMON PHOTO GALLERY.Tokyo. 2017. SAKURA.KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ .Tokyo. 2018. Shard.EMON PHOTO GALLERY.Tokyo. 2019. Milky Way.EMON PHOTO GALLERY.Tokyo. Art Fairs, Festivals 2013.TokyoPhoto (Japan) 2013.fotofever (Belgium) 2014.Daegu Photo Biennale (South Korea) 2014.fotofever (Paris) 2015.fotofever (Paris) 2016.La Gacilly Photo Festival(France) 2016.Photo Shanghai(Shanghai) 2017.KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ (Japan) 2018.Art Fair Tokyo (Japan)