TIFA 2021 Science / Medicine

Pandemic Perspectives: Emergency Medical Service

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Medicine, 2nd Place winner in Science
  • Photographer
    Matteo Busetto
  • Technical Info
    24.3mp Aps-c Cropped Sensor, 23 Mm Fixed Lens, F/2 - F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/15 - 1/500, Iso 200-1250
  • Photo Date
    March 2020 to April 2021

A portrait of how the COVID19 pandemic has heavily affected the daily work routine of healthcare personnel involved in the emergency: we can see them as they prepare to respond to an emergency call, wearing full personal protective equipment before boarding an ambulance (or in the street just before entering patients' homes) and wear it even while driving the medical car or boarding the rescue helicopter. We can also observe a few moments of despair at the peak of the pandemic, when there weren't enough ambulances to help everyone, or the feeling was simply that of being alone and powerless...