TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Abstract

Motus In Situ - What Was, What Is, What Will Be

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Joel Benguigui
  • Technical Info
    4x5’ On Harman Direct Positive
  • Photo Date

This work is an in situ extension of MOTUS IN SILENTIO; a reflection on nature, the environment, untamed, raw, uncontrolled. It is a collection of portraits of a sacred land on Bundjalung Country; a land of fertility and healing for the Arakwal people, whom I want to thank and pay respect for welcoming me to their country.

Born in Denpasar, of Flores, East Indonesian heritage Joel Benguigui is an artist, photographer and art director working between the worlds of fine arts, documentary, design and fashion. With a background in design and commercial photography Joel has been recognised in leading publications and commissioned by internationally renowned clients. The black and white universe of his work is not a rejection of colour but a process of distilling essential experience. A tactile potency that offers a space to consider and perhaps seek to understand ourselves and our relationship to the world around us.