TIFA 2021 Editorial / General News

Morris "Il Cinemaio"

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/General News
  • Photographer
    Fiorella Baldisserri
  • Photo Date

Cinema has always been Morris’s dream. Everyone knows and loves him as the “cinemaio”,cinema as meeting point. In this year of forced closure due to the pandemic, he decides to keep showing movies in an empty theater. In the darkness of his cinema, sits on an armchair keeps the doors open to allow the inhabitants of the small town to hear the voices of the stories projected, while flashes of light come out that send a message:we will meet again He drew movie theaters on his notebooks since he was a child. Today, 20 years after, he manages 3 cinemas in a small towns near Bologna.

Fiorella Baldisserri, classical studies and an interest in art in all its forms, is a photographer from Bologna who loves traveling both by profession and by passion. Fiorella has seen some shots published by national and international newspapers both in print and online. Photovogue, Corriere, Elle, Erodoto108, SDN, ND, MCmagazine, Witness Journal, Eye of Photography,Her project Drops in New York has been displayed at the Olbia Archaeological Museum, while Morris il Cinemaio at the Sofia Socialist Museum and at Lodi, Fotografia Etica for Roma Fotografia.