TIFA 2021 Fine Art / Special Effects

La Promeneuse

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    David Degelin

A levitation photography composition featuring Belgian model Elissa as a nymph, floating above the streets of Brussels (Belgium), near the iconic Mountain of Gallows (currently the Palace of Justice). The idea was to combine the often overlooked beauty of those little pieces of Brussels that are virtually time capsules and remained virtually unchanged for decades, with the notion of a kind of urban nymph that guards over those streets.

I'm a photographer with a focus on portrait, street, and fine-art photography, and photography is my way of dealing with the world, people, stories, places, experiences. Photography is a therapeutic activity for me in a way, a survival strategy. I use light and shadow to capture what I feel, rather than what I see, and what I feel always takes precedence over what I see in what I do. I'm intrigued by the beauty of solitude, of people and places and in my work, this theme plays a dominant role.