TIFA 2021 Advertising / Music


  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Caesar Lima
  • Agency / Studio
    Caesar Photo Design, Inc.
  • Technical Info
    Hasselblad X1d With Xcd 80mm F1.9 Lens And Profit B10 Lighting
  • Photo Date

Portrait of the American Pop Singer Jaq album cover The idea was to create an unusual and memorable image of the singer Jaq for her upcoming album

Caesar Lima’s emphasis as an artist is meticulously crafted and in high tech photography. He claims only a singular goal with each image that he creates, in that it is only something that has never been seen before. Holding a Bachelor’s of Art in Advertising, Lima's innate sense of design is joined by a keen understanding as to the needs of advertising agencies, as well as art and creative direction. This has helped him to procure an A-list roster that features the likes of Sony Pictures, Pioneer Electronics, Reebok, Walt Disney, T Mobile, K Swiss, Yamaha, Nokia, Sanyo, and O’Neal.