TIFA 2021 Book / Nature

Invearth: Nature Itself Becomes Art

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Nature
  • Jury Top 5 Selection
  • Photographer
    Simone Arrigoni

Based on the three key-words forming its name (Invert + Earth + Art), this project innovatively interprets selected elements of our planet, playing with the black & white dichotomy and the negative inversion. In each of its series, symbolic natural subjects are turned into artistic images, shaped to find a point of convergence between science and creativity, so that the intrinsic beauty of Nature becomes Art.

Simone Arrigoni is a classical pianist, multiple Freediving World Record holder and successful photographer. He holds more than 150 awards in the most prestigious International Photo Contests, such as the 1st Prize in NTU 2017 by Singapore's Nanyang Technological University & National Geographic. He was appointed FIOF Italian Photography Ambassador in China 2017-2021 and has been Underwater Photography Festival Ambassador since 2019. His works have been published in books, magazines and catalogues, as well as being collected and exhibited worldwide, from USA to Japan via Europe and China