TIFA 2021 People / Portrait

Francesca The Rejection

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Portrait
  • Photographer
    Antonella Taurino & Davide Paolo Strangio
  • Photo Date

Francesca project: rejection Inspired and dedicated to Francesca Woodman (3 April 1958 – 19 January 1981) The photograph project born from the collaboration between two photographer who have a big empathy about what they think and how they work. Francesca Woodman is into their possibility in their feeling and by her they was inspired making a complex project, composed by three branch to tell about the “rejection”, emotion and lived who full border line lives. Do you know who is Francesca? Yes, I know her. Francesca is a wind, a wind who messes up the soul injured and make it bleed any tim

I worked in human resources, at the same time follows my passion for arts, writing and photography with the aim to tell emotional stories: each of my photos try to tell single endless story. During October, I participated to Venice Photo Lab, alongside great photographers and young promises, last February 2020 my first book entitled "Oneiros" was presented accompanied by some of my shots, in September 2020 I participated in the Treviso Photo Festival. During quarantine I built a photographic projects with Davide Strangio, about love and violenence and now we work toghether in all projects.