TIFA 2021 Book / Fine Art

Between These Folded Walls, Utopia

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Fine Art, 2nd Place winner in Book
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Tomohide Ikeya Great colors and ideas. It gives the viewer imagination and knowledge. It is able to express the history of modern humanity from a unique perspective. The level of perfection and technique is excellent.

  • Photographer
    Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer
  • Agency / Studio
    Cooper & Gorfer
  • Technical Info
    Archival Pigment Print
  • Photo Date

Are we living in a loss of Utopia? And if so, who’s Utopia is it that we have Lost? In a series of richly-imagined portraits, the artistic duo Cooper & Gorfer explore the idea of Utopia in the age of the new diaspora. Focusing their lens on young women whose lives have been influenced by forced migration, they are photographed like goddesses inside lustrous and surrealist-inspired sets. These vivid portraits are a judicious and of-the-moment examination of our historical memory and possibility.