TIFA 2021


  • Photographer
    Natalie Truchsess
  • Technical Info
    1/20 ; F/2,4 ; Iso 200 ; Digital Photography (https://www.natalietruchsess.de/aufnahmetechnik)
  • Photo Date

Synesthesia is an exciting talent. Painters such as Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee or musicians such as Alexander Scriabin and Arnold Schoenberg used their ability to perceive several senses at the same time (for example colors and sounds) and present them in their works as a unified experience.

I learned my photographic craft from the photographer and filmmaker Valentin Schwab. After a specialized internship in film and studio production at Bayerischer Rundfunk in 1988, I worked for several years as a camera assistant in both analog and electronic recording. Over the last years I increasingly have abstracted my visual language. In my current work, I use abstract photographs to explore the representation of the subliminal, the ineffable, and the ephemeral.