TIFA 2021 People / Family

The Yarrick Family of Kunhanhaa

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Family
  • Photographer
    Brian Cassey
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D5 - Nikkor 16-35mm 1/30th Sec F4.5
  • Photo Date

Mornington Island - also known as Kunhanhaa - is an Aboriginal community in the Gulf of Carpentaria in remote northern Australia. Many of the approximately 1000 Lardil, Kaiadilt and Yangkaal residents on the island live in sub-standard vastly overcrowded houses. Frequently over 20 people will live in a single 2 bedroom home leading to social and psychological problems. In this image Mother Shaylene Yarrick beds down five of the children that sleep in the lounge of her tiny 2 bedroom Mornington Island house that sleeps more than 20 of her extended family members.