TIFA 2021 Events / Other

北港媽出巡炸轎 Beigang Mazu Patrols The Sedan Chair

  • Prize
    Silver in Events/Other
  • Photographer
    Hsu Yu-Ren
  • Technical Info
    5d3 24-105 F4 Iso-3000
  • Photo Date

北港,媽祖繞境,慶祝媽祖誕生,以燃放並承受大量的鞭炮(煙火),凸顯神明的屹立不搖轎夫無畏無懼的神采,讓群眾懾服,最終達到驅散疫病邪靈的目的,用鏡頭瞬間捕捉炸轎的震撼。In Beigang, Mazu circled the border to celebrate the birth of Mazu. It set off and withstands a large number of firecrackers (fireworks), highlighting the god’s unwavering demeanor and fearless demeanor, convincing the masses, and finally achieving the purpose of dispelling the evil spirits Instantly capture the shock of the fried sedan chair.