TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Cityscapes

The Botle Rack

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Photographer
    A.Olle' Coderch
  • Technical Info
    1/250-1000, Iso 200-400 , F 8,0-13,0 / Cropped Sensor / Panorames
  • Photo Date
    November 2018 - july 2019

The few resources of the countryside lead the population to take refuge in cities that end up transcending the metropolis. Given the shortage of land and the need to offer an affordable room, the modern architectural movement promoted the typology of collective housing whose whole ends up shaping the city. In them there are dwellers who use them as a house or as a home and if for the former it is merely a place to shelter, for the latter that impersonal becomes a “cozy” place that becomes the central point on which revolves his life

"Ei POiNT" (1954, Barcelona) is a photographer associated with the Photographic Association of Catalonia. Since 2004, more than 100 exhibitions have been recorded. Published in the Lens Culture, Dodho and UrbanNext portals, his work has been honored with more than thirty awards and / or mentions in international photography contests (Siena IPA, Fine Art PA, International PA, Lens Culture Street PA, Epson IPA). Expressed through "panophotos", "spherorames" and "folisdNaik", their portfolio remains specialized in architecture and landscape.