TOKYO-2020 Science / Other

Micro Insect Portraits

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Marco Jongsma
  • Technical Info
    These Photos Were Taken With A Canon 6d Full-frame Camera And A Micro Lens By Means Of The Focus Sta
  • Photo Date

i am a science photographer and mainly photograph insects and all their details. For the entry I have chosen a series of insect portraits. With this series I want to show the world how beautiful insects are and that people do not have to be afraid of them. I try to capture them as beautifully and sweetly as possible and try to reveal as many details as possible to the viewers. By means of my use of color in the photos, the insects pop off your screen and it creates a beautiful whole I work for 8 to 10 hours on 1 image