TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Nudes

Masticating Masters

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    Gary Sheridan
  • Agency / Studio
    Sheridan Photography
  • Photo Date
    August 2020

This series alludes to religious iconography and makes direct reference to paintings by the Old Masters - Fuseli, Velazquez, Caravaggio, and Jacques-Louis David. Deconstructing and reconstructing the references and metaphors adding layers of meaning, guiding the spectator to a less ambiguous reading. The collaboration of minds and the artistic talents of Gary Sheridan (Photographer) and Gemma Hadley (Model) tells the story of Gemma’s battle to overcome her eating disorder, aestheticizing her intense emotional responses/ the intensity of her feelings), the side-effects and scars.