TOKYO-2020 Book / Fine Art

Marvels, Journey Through Another World

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Cheraine Collette
  • Photo Date

In the MARVELS book, you’ll find Cheraine’s first big fine art photography series. Her multi-award-winning body of work is brought to life in the course of two years from 2019 to 2020. This personal artistic series is- to show the beauty and vulnerability of these beautiful buildings and animals, -a way to awaken the compassion within, -to give a voice to this earth’s inhabitants who have none, and for inspiring future generations to preserve their cultural heritage. The MARVELS book contains never-published-before artworks and sketches and over thirty-six photographs.

Detailed creatures of the natural realm paired with fantastical scenes of the imagination have created a signature style. An oeuvre that has become widely awarded and that can be found in esteemed private collections on a global scale. Cheraine Collette is a Dutch artist who specializes in fine art photography and digital painting. Essentially, she creates imaginary worlds composed of photographed parts of nature and locations across the globe. Her work can be summarized in three ways - Authentic, Imaginative, and a longing for beauty.