TOKYO-2020 Book / Documentary

Calcio Storico Book

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Stephen Ambrose
  • Agency / Studio
    Stephen Ambrose Photography
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D810 & Canon 1dx Mk2
  • Photo Date
    June 2019

This is a self promotion book of my Calcio Storico project. It is a 28 page photo booklet 40 x 30cm and opening up to DPS 60 x 40cm. It is stitched with the colours of the four teams that take part as per the front cover. Design credit Paul Belford. Calcio Storico is a game fought between the four districts of Florence Italy every year. Twenty Seven men in each team play a fifty minute game. Two semi finals on the third weekend in June and then the final always played on the 24th June, La Festa di San Giovanni (the feast of John the Baptist).