TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / -

series - space time

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art, 2nd Place winner in Portfolio
  • Photographer
    Jean-Claude Bise

Series - space time Theme, I chose "this room" as a basic module, to develop my ideas about volumes and space. The typical room (base) in perspective allows me to imagine in 3D the volume of space on which I will deposit various objects or elements in order to elaborate different scenographies. I try to give the illusion that the image acquires depth and relief while knowing that it is only 2D. Our reality is related to our visual perception of the world. What I see is my reality, what you see is your reality. If to live our existence we must accept to believe in the reality of things, this reality is not necessarily as real as what we believe. At first, reality is what is tangibly offered to our experience. The world as it unfolds, what we feel and what we know, is our reality. 2018

I am a self-taught photographer. I learned in the labs of my friends, who were painters and photographers in the artistic movements of the 60-70s - psychedelic, Pop Art and rock bands. Powered by the energy surrounding them, I chose photography to express my ideas and concerns – an activity that still fascinates me.