TOKYO-2018 Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Frank Kunert
  • Agency / Studio
    Frank Kunert
  • Technical Info
    Photographs Of Miniature Models
  • Photo Date
    2002 - 2018

Something strange is going on in Frank Kunert's photographs: the table set for two has been so cleverly built around a corner that neither of the diners has to see the other, yet they can both watch their own television. The model builder and photographer creates images of this kind in weeks of painstaking attention to detail, in this way lending expression to the grotesque outgrowths of civilized life that are as humorous and exhilarating as they are profound. Melancholy and a warped sense of humor are closely related in this wonderland of absurdities - surprising and thought-provoking.

Frank Kunert, (b. 1963, Frankfurt am Main)grew up in the Rhine-Main region and started taking photographs as a teenager, when he was particularly interested in landscape photography. After completing secondary school, he trained as a photographer and nurtured his love for studio work. He remains true to this pursuit even today and has dedicated himself to designing and photographing his "Small Worlds". Kunert's works have been exhibited at La Chambre (Strasbourg, France), FREELENS Galerie (Hamburg, Germany), Museum of Arts and Design (New York), ROSEGALLERY (Santa Monica), among others.