TOKYO-2017 Science / Medicine

Winter is not scary anymore

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Medicine
  • Photographer
    Davide Bellocchio

With the approach of winter, Regione Lazio, an Italian regional institution, invites elderly and children to get a vaccination against flu and seasonal ills. Here the dreaded yeti becomes the docile playmate of a child, and the ferocious white bear sits in an armchair to keep company to an old lady. Winter is not scary anymore with flu vaccine. Print advertisement shot by Davide Bellocchio, created by Superhumans, Italy for Regione Lazio. Caption "Winter is not scary anymore, with flu vaccine. Get the vaccination, you’ll reduce the risk of complications and serious diseases" Credits Advertising Agency: Superhumans, Rome, Italy Creative Directors: Luca Albanese, Francesco Taddeucci Art Director: Federico Angelieri Copywriter: Barbara Bigi Photographer / Post-Production: Davide Bellocchio CGI: Struttura Leggera