TOKYO-2017 Book / Fine Art

Where Time Turns Black

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Agnes Ku

The project in part is personal and in part speaks to the larger issue of time/ memory through ageing. Memory is a multi-layered process of connection, disconnection and reconnection --- (re-)connecting to/ disconnecting from not only one’s personal past but also family history and spatial landscape. Entering into her elderly mother’s lost memory space, returning to the old district where she spent her childhood, the artist looks around in the city and finds things not entirely familiar. The project undertakes visual experimentation via the mobile phone, featuring the effects of black-out and distortion in a panoramic format in a most original way. The aesthetic effects go well with the intended symbolic meanings in conveying a sense of (unknown) loss. Something that has made who we are is slipping away. What is real, and what not? The operation is strictly straight photography without post-production editing.