TOKYO-2018 People / Self-Portrait

The Oil Painter

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Qingping Zang

The Oil Painter is a fine art portraiture series. In this series, I imitate the famous oil painters' self-portraits and turn them into photographs. The process is fascinating to me. I'm not only just imitating their appearance but also imitating the composition and the lightings. It makes me feel like I was walking through their creative process all over again and building a connection with them. Through this series, I want to demonstrate that no matter what media you use, as long as you put your heart into it, the works would be touching.

My Name Is Qingping(Thea) Zang, I Am A Fine Art/ Fashion Photographer. Gotten both of my bachelor and master degree in Photography, I have been engaged in photography for more than 9 years. Along the way, I developed my interests in both fine art and fashion photography. Fine art photography allows me to explore and discover various means to express my thoughts and interpretations into vivid photographs. Fashion photography enables collaboration with creative teams and persons, and together we create amazing photos.