TOKYO-2018 People / Culture

The Nenets of Siberia

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Sara Bianchi
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm X100t And Xt2 With 14mm
  • Photo Date
    April 2018

The Nenets are an ethnic minority with fewer than 50.000 people dedicated to reindeer breeding. They live in Yamal peninsula, Siberia. Yamal in the language of the indigenous means "the end of the world" and is a boundless and snow-covered landscape of the tundra, the natural habitat of reindeer that live in perfect harmony with the environment and with humans. The need of food drive the reindeer to migrate along the peninsula. Reindeer meat is the most important part of the Nenets’ diet. It is eaten raw, together with the blood of a freshly slaughtered reindeer, which is rich in vitamins.