TOKYO-2018 Events / Other

Sunday Best At Weekend Studio

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Other, 2nd Place winner in Events
  • Photographer
    Mia Collis

Sunday best is when a person dresses in their finest for an occasion. In this case, Sunday and often church. The series was taken at Weekend Studio in Kenya’s largest slum Kibera. The studio had been open for 37 years and was due for imminent closure. David, the photographer who ran it, said that due to phone cameras few people wanted studio portraits and clients nowadays requested for passport photos. I tried to persuade him to stay, but to no avail. To save it, I took over the rent and it became a perfect venue to shoot my Sunday Best series.

Mia Collis is a photographer living and working in Africa. With a major in Anthropology, she is currently based out of Nairobi. Her ongoing project is Sunday Best at Weekend Studio documenting people wearing their finest on Sundays in Kenya’s biggest slum, Kibera. This year she had her first book published ‘The Un sung Heroes’ in collaboration with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The book documents extraordinary human acts of bravery towards an elephant.