TOKYO-2017 Editorial / Conflict

Retaking Raqqa

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Morukc Umnaber

The campaign launched by SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) to liberate ISIS' capital Raqqa took just over 4 months. ISIS had months to prepare for a this defensive fight against SDF. Most of the engagement of SDF had been with IEDs and snipers. Almost everywhere in the city had been mined which forced troops to advance slowly and carefully. Airstrikes of the coalition forces hit ISIS positions intensely during days and nights as well, left them no space to move around in the city. There were dozens of tunnels that ISIS fighters use to change their positions covered. ISIS also used simple drones to drop explosives on SDF fighters around the frontline. Approximately 300.000 civilians are displaced from Raqqa.