TOKYO-2018 Portfolio / Fine Art

Portraits of Buddha

  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Qian Jim
  • Photo Date

This group of Buddhas is photographed in museums all over the country. In the dark lights of the museum, when you look at these statues for a long time, you feel not only the solemn and illusions of religion, but more of the life and vitality of the real human nature. So I hope this group of works will show more humanity and goodness, not just religious solemnity.

Qian Jin was born in 1960 in Zhejiang, China, and currently lives in Beijing. He started painting when he was a child. He studied art and design and worked as a designer?a magazine editor?and as commercial photographer. In 2015, he changed his focus to fine art photography, special black and white. “Dynasty in stone Series” were exhibited at FOTOFEST International Discoveries VI, 2017. “Home Series”were exhibited at Beizhen China International Photography Festival 2018.