TOKYO-2017 Architecture / Cityscapes

Modern Monoliths

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Photographer
    Emiliano Pinnizzotto

The Monoliths were usually immense, imposing and very heavy stones. Our ancestors lifted them from the ground with great difficulty, worked them or molded them, and placed them in a place chosen as an indelible mark of their passage on this earth. The monoliths were idolized, becoming not only prehistoric works of art but sacred objects, respected as divinities. Nowadays, monoliths can be reinterpreted by the wonders of architectural works. Increasingly complex to realize, monumental works that change the face of our cities, palaces, bridges, museums, become modern artworks The images in this series want to enhance and reinterpret the architectural idea, with the use of light, with the language of black and white, and with a shot that projects them upward almost to clash with the sky, just like the ancient monoliths.

Emiliano Pinnizzotto is a Photoreporter and Visual Journalist, based in Rome, Italy. Born in Rome on 25 June 1983 started to taking pictures since as a child. Through the years began to direct his passion toward photo-reportage especially in social, anthropology, and travel photography. He has a particular focus on the light when he takes photos, always use the natural light present in the place. He exposed his images in several exhibitions, collective and personal in various italian city and abroad like London, Paris, Kyev, Lima, Sintra, Portland.