TOKYO-2017 Advertising / Music

Michelle - Out of Sync

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Jeremy Amar

The city has a human tide, it flows en masse, with direction and force. There are those, artists among them, who are pulled by a different magnetic energy. Michelle is one. Musician, songwriter, poet.

I was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, a factory town (“Lynn, Lynn city of sin”). When I was six, my family followed my father’s job to the bluegrasses of Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up idly following storm drains, cutting my own paths to adventure. I was, and still am prone to unscheduled drifting. Photography gives me permission, a license to visit the lives of others, the courage to really meet the people I photograph, and the passion to observe and honor the most intimate of our human experiences and emotions. I call it "visual breathing."