TOKYO-2017 People / Portrait_P

Metaphysical resistant,

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Portrait
  • Photographer
    Labkhand Olfatmanesh

Metaphysics is the foundation of philosophy. Without an explanation or an interpretation of the world around us, we would be helpless to deal with reality. Any flaw in our view of reality will make it more difficult to live. Identity is a fundamental metaphysical issue. Metaphysicians investigating identity are tasked with the question of what, exactly, it means for something to be identical to itself. Other issues of identity arise in the context of time: what does it mean for something to be itself across two moments in time? How do we account for this? Another question of identity arises when we ask what our criteria ought to be for determining identity? And how does the reality of identity interface with linguistic expressions? The nature of the mind and its relation to the body has been seen as more of a problem as science has progressed in its mechanistic understanding of the brain and body. Proposed solutions often have ramifications about the nature of mind as a whole. I am show casing mind thought a symbols and drawings over the glass which create and resistant environment between mind and body and straggle with realities.