TOKYO-2017 Book / Documnetry

L'Aquila today after the earthquake ..

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documnetry
  • Photographer
    Sergio Catitti

Tempèra is a small village about seven kilometers from L'Aquila. According to some studies, the small town was built around 1185 by a small fiefdom consisting of four families. The presence of the river "Vera" considered one of the cleanest bacteriologically of Abruzzo, gave the name to this village through changes of the original name that was Intervera. Already in 1703 the country suffered serious damage caused by the earthquake, while in 2009 it was virtually razed to the ground and on that occasion eight people lost their lives. Entering the old village today is an almost overwhelming experience. The old town is practically a pile of rubble on which in recent years a dense vegetation has grown. Nothing has changed since that tragic day of 2009. Tempèra is a ghost town and the sensations you feel when crossing it are difficult to explain. There are still remains of furniture and furniture inside old gutted houses, walls that rise in the void where you can see sanitary ware and shower hoses that are no longer the intimate corners of a house, but modern art monuments in the open air . Of the small church of the village there is the entrance stairway and the marble paving that suggests how beautiful this small place of worship was to be. From 2013 in its place, not far away, there is a wooden church donated by the Archdiocese of Trento. Today, after 7 years, the 900 inhabitants of Tempèra, all those who lived in the old town, are housed in the Map near the entrance to the village and in the Case Projects built in the area. There was talk of a project to rebuild the village but for now the only work of restoration is the old mill above the river Vera.

He was born in L'Aquila on 11 March 1963 where he lived until 1998. He currently lives and works in Rimini. Passionate about photography since the age of 16, he never thought of making it a profession. He prefers the b & n but has no preferences for a specific type of photography. He has made several personal and collective exhibitions and has appeared in important showcases starting with the "17th Contemporanea Forlì Arte exhibition" and the "12th edition of Vernice Art Fair" in 2013. Experiences that he repeated in the following years until 2016.