TOKYO-2018 Portfolio / Fine Art

Kuro I Shiro

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jun Pagalilauan
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5d Mark 3, 16-35 Mm.
  • Photo Date
    February 2018

Kuro Shiro is a self published book on the year 2018. It’s a fine art images captured During my recent trip to japan.The book reflects japan’s culture of minimalism. I have visioned The landscape to be as minimal as I can capture. With a vast surrounding covered mostly with white, All images are done in long exposures where in only the camera can capture. This book represent images that strongly represent how Japan focus on individual things and How they stand with their culture.As an author and a photographer,I will be forever grateful on capturing Japan, reflecting their culture to my images

Jun Pagalilauan is a Filipino Architect based in Singapore for 12 years. His intrinsic passion in fine arts depicts the fiber of his works through his lens. He has observed that in this fast-paced environment, various affairs are deliberated even for centuries but only a few are pursued and resolved.