TOKYO-2018 Portfolio / Personal

Hokusai Abstracts

  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio/Personal
  • Photographer
    Gigi Chung
  • Photo Date
    September 2018

Sumida Hokusai Museum is a museum designed by pritzker prize winner Kazuyo Seijima. Dedicated to the works of ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai, the museum is located in the Sumida neighborhood in Tokyo where Hokusai used to live. The angular structure is made out of panels of reflective aluminium, designed to resemble the canvas of printmaking. My intent is to capture the different abstract potentials of the facades through my lens. The mesh-clad faucets and unconventional geometric shapes provide the photographic canvas for exploration.

Gigi Chung is a fine-art photographer specializing in abstract architecture and portraiture. Her first solo exhibition at Hasselblad Japan Tokyo Store Gallery In February 2019. Her works have been curated into the inaugural Monochrome exhibition at The Glasgow Gallery Of Photography in 2019. She has exhibited in Athens, Chania, Cormons,San Francisco, Vermont, Portland, Greensville, Taipei, London and New York. Her "Emergence" series has been curated into Kyotographie KG+2020 featured exhibition. She is a contributing writer to Medium Format Magazine and Tagree online magazine.