TOKYO-2017 Moving images / Other_MV


'Ensemble' is the french word for ‘together’. 'En' means inside something and ’Semble' 'seems’. ‘EnSemble’: seems inside something together. Exploring the connection between human beings. A 1:40 min video where I mix photographs and GIFs I did of the same subject and have added a musical composition.

Lima, 1963. Autodidact. I began working as a photojournalist in my hometown Lima in Peru, adding to my interest fashion and portraiture once I settled in London in 1985. My images has been published in many magazines including ID, Elle and Vogue, as well as newspapers like The Guardian, The Times and El País. I have covered different topics, from celebrity portraiture to the Kosovo War in 1999. I’m currently engaged in Fine Arts and Documentary projects.