TOKYO-2018 Events / Sport

Disabled Sports Games In Taiwan

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Hsiuling Chiu
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 7d Mark Ii
  • Photo Date
    May/24/2018 ~ May/25/2018

In May 2018, Chiayi city of Taiwan was holding disabled athlete sports games, which is like Paralympics on a small scale. These sports games aim to encourage people with disabilities to go outdoors and have a healthier life. Disabled people need to work out to prevent their bodies from degenerating faster. People with disabilities have a very hard time physically, mentally and emotionally to adjust themselves to daily life. When I photographed those disabled athletes, I caught some vulnerable eyes. Wish this kind of sports games could be held more often worldwide.

Currently live in Taipei, Taiwan, I have lived in the US for about 25 years in the past. The years I spent in different cultural environments gives me multi-culture perspectives and helps me explore the world with an open mind and cultural insight. I consider myself a visual person, my interest in photography is pretty broad, ranging from sports, wildlife to aerial photography, etc.