TOKYO-2018 People / Family

Alessandro, Day By Day

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay, Bronze in People/Family
  • Photographer
    Chiara Fracassi
  • Photo Date

Alessandro is a 47 year old man who is autistic, deaf-mute and self-and-hetero aggressive. His typical day is filled by rituals that are repeated always in the same and impenetrable way, surrounded by silence and love of his Family: his mother, his younger sister Virginia and her husband. After spending one and half year with Alessandro and his family, in his daily life, I’ve been able to produce a set of images with the purpose of depicting a snapshot of his life filled with difficulties but full of love from his family, hoping to clarify what it means to live autism on a day by day basis.

Chiara Fracassi is an Italian independent photographer based in Milan. After her studies in Medieval Archaeology and after several jobs in Rome, in 2009 she moved to Milan. In 2013 she founded with two other colleagues, the photographic collective Direzione Ostinata, specializing in commercial photography and she switches her attention to reportage photography and photojournalism She is currently working on three main projects: one on the underground world of BDSM, one on Autistic Disorder and a third, still in its early stages, on the influence of Evil in today's society.