TOKYO-2018 People / Culture

Al - Batin / The - Hidden

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Valeria Gradizzi
  • Agency / Studio
    Valeria Gradizzi
  • Photo Date
    2017 - 2018

Invisible to the Islamic world that believes feminine Sufism illegitimate, the women inside the mystical Islam live leading a mysterious revolution without weapons, an all-female revolution.They are Sufi, dervishes, women who try to change their spiritual life by focusing on the heart, to freely follow Islamic philosophy inspired by love. Theirs, is an ascetic path that they face dancing step by step, whirling in spirals that overwhelm the senses until the overcoming of the natural state that opens to contemplation. Allah Al-Batin, God the hidden, God the invisible.

Valeria Gradizzi lives in Verona, an independent photographer. He prefers documentation projects on social issues. Always passionate about photography, she started working with a photo studio as an assistant.For some years he has collaborated with the Photographer Ivo Saglietti.